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About Us

   The formation of the African Diaspora for Good Governance (ADGG) was inspired by the successful participation of the United African Forum (UAF), in the 2014 mayoral elections in Newark, New Jersey. The UAF was able to organize and energize African immigrant voters around mayoral candidate Ras J. Baraka, who then was like an underdog candidate and was also not the Democratic Party establishment candidate. The UAF helped to register New African immigrant voters and reactivated the then passive African voters and turned them into committed voters for mayoral candidate Ras. J. Baraka.

  The unprecedented participation of African Diaspora voters in 2014, played a big role to help secure victory for Mayor Ras J. Baraka. As the Mayor-elect, Mr. Baraka in another unprecedented move appointed two members of the United African Forum (UAF), to his Transition Committee. Upon taking the oath of office, Mayor Baraka immediately started to implement a government of inclusion as he had promised during the campaign, he appointed a lot of African Diaspora US citizens into executive positions, including our very own President/CEO of ADGG, Hon. Ugochukwu Nwaokoro, who became the pioneer Deputy Mayor of the Mayor’s Office of International Relations and Diaspora Affairs (MOIRDA), and by so doing, Hon. Ugochukwu Nwaokoro became the first African-born deputy mayor in the entire USA. Also, Mayor Baraka appointed the first African-born Judge and Chief Municipal Prosecutor in the state of New Jersey, respectively.

 The gains of UAF in Newark, New Jersey, and the frustration of watching our highly competent African Diaspora brothers and sisters run for elective offices here in the USA, only for them to fall short, because their primary sphere of influence, the African Diaspora community, is not organized financially, structurally and tactically enough to support their campaigns. The ADGG is a movement that’s inevitable to happen, just a matter of when and how. The corona virus pandemic lockdown afforded the founder, Hon. Ugo Nwaokoro and co-founder, Hon. Chijike Ndukwu the opportunity to jumpstart the movement by calling for a virtual meeting on April 26, 2020, under the name, “The African Diaspora Forum, USA”, with the theme, “Africa: The Joe Biden Presidency?” The virtual meeting attracted over 1300 Diaspora African voters from across the United States, and this marked the beginning of the African Diaspora for Good Governance (ADGG), with its mission to ensure that Africans in the diaspora are educated and organized to participate in political activities, both as voters and as candidates for elected offices and promoting good governance in the diaspora and on the continent of Africa.

  DGG is formed to compliment the work of notable minority and African American organizations like, the NAACP, Rainbow/Push Coalition, the Urban League, the Action Network, etc., but, with primary focus on the political integration and participation of African Diaspora in electioneering campaigns, both as voters and as candidates for elective offices. The ADGG would play a role in the framing of US foreign policies towards the African continent.

 The ADGG has a Political Action Committee (PAC), named the African Diaspora for Good Governance Political Action Committee (ADGGPAC), which supports and endorses candidates for elective offices as the ADGGPAC deems necessary.